Privacy Policy

Resume Hub, complies with the Google API Services User Data Policy , and the Limited Use requirements and does not collect or store your information, and will not share your information with any third parties without your explicit consent.

At all times, Resume Hub's use and transfer to any other app, and any information received from Google API will adhere to the Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

Resume Hub incorporates the OpenAI API to offer users AI chatbot capabilities within the extension. This tool is provided for your personal use to enhance and receive suggestions for your resume. In order to use this feature you must sign up for an account with OpenAI and agree to their terms of service. Please note that any information that you choose to share with chatGPT through the extension is subject to OpenAI's terms of service and privacy policy . When utilizing the chatGPT features in the extension and by choosing to use the [AI Assist] button to send any portions of your resume and personal data to ChatGPT, the data that you choose to submit to chatGPT will be securely transmitted from your local device by Resume Hub to OpenAI's servers for AI chatbot response processing, it will then be securely transmitted back from Open AI to your local device. All data is transmitted using the Fetch API in JavaScript and utilizes HTTPS.

By installing and using this extension, you acknowledge that you have reviewed and comprehended openAI's privacy policy and you acknowledge that this extension is provided to you as is, and for entertainment purposes, you agree to absolve and hold harmless the extension's developer of any liabilities resulting from the usage of the extension. Your use of the extension indicates your agreement to all provided terms and conditions and your express consent to how your data will be collected and transmitted and used. You agree to safeguard any printed copies of your personal data, whether in electronic or printed form and you agree to share your resume with third parties at your own discretion and risk.

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